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This patient support community is for discussions relating to lung and respiratory issues, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, colds/flu, chronic cough, COPD, lung abscess, nasal polyps, pleurisy, pneumonia, sarcoidosis, and tuberculosis.

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Asthma Articles, Information, and Resources

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Links to General Information Related to Asthma:

- Asthma (The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute)

 - Asthma (Mayo Clinic)

 - Asthma (Medline Plus)

 - Asthma (

 - Asthma (MedicineNet)

 - Asthma (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

 - Asthma (American Lung Association)

 - Asthma (

 - Asthma (KidsHealth)

Important Asthma Research Websites:

 - American Asthma Foundation

- World Asthma Foundation

- American Acadamcy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology

- Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

- National Asthma Council Australia

Asthma Articles: Colds, Flus, and Pneumonias

- Adults With Asthma Not Getting Their Flu Shots: At-Risk Population Under Vaccinated

- Adults with Asthma Under-Vaccinated Against Flu

- Common Respiratory Virus May Hide In The Lungs Leading To Asthma

- Does Swine Flu Pose a Special Threat to Asthmatics?

- Increased Risk Of Pneumococcal Disease In Asthma Patients

- Many Adults With Asthma Are Skipping Flu Shots

Asthma Articles: New Asthma Research

- Asthma Mucus Myth Slammed

- Antifungal Drug Improves Severe Asthma Symptoms

- Antifungal Drug May Help Ease Asthma

- Anti-fungal Drug Offers Great Benefits To Some With Severe Asthma

- Asthma Discovery May Lead to Better Treatments

- Asthma Discovery May Lead to Better Treatments

- Asthma Discovery May Lead to Better Treatments

- Asthma discovery may lead to better treatments

- Asthma Discovery May Lead to Better Treatments

- Asthma Drugs Need To Be Maintained For Continued Benefit

- Asthma Wheeze Follows Thunderstorms

- Asthma UK Issues Advice On Managing Asthma In Hot Weather Conditions

- Breathing Exercises Can Help Ease Asthma

- Breakthrough In Understanding Severe Asthma Has Potential For New Treatment

- Breakthrough in understanding severe asthma has potential for new treatment

- Boys More Likely to Outgrow Asthma

- Boys 'Outgrow' Asthma More Often than Girls

- Caffeine Shown As Effective At Reducing Exercise-induced Asthma Symptoms As An Albuterol Inhaler

- Cholesterol Drugs May Help Asthma Patients

- Chronic Asthma: Study Reveals Long-Lasting Airway Blockages, Even In Medicated Asthma Patients

- Cleaning House May Be Risky for Women With Asthma

- Combination Asthma Therapy May Prevent Beta-Agonist Resistance

- Combination Inhalers for Asthma Lower Death Risk

- Combination of drugs found most effective asthma treatment

- Could Your Migraines Signal Uncontrolled Asthma?

- Cytokine Blockade Eases Asthma Symptoms

- Even With Medication, Asthma Patients Show Chronic Airflow Changes In Lungs

- Heat Eases Asthma Airway Burden

- Household Cleaning Sprays Linked to Adult Asthma

- Indoor Air Pollution Increases Asthma Symptoms

- Investigational Biologic Agent May Reduce Severe Asthma Exacerbations

- Menopause Linked to Decreased Lung Function and Asthma Risk

- New Anti-asthmatic And Anti-inflammatory Drugs Without Adverse Side Effects

- New Asthma Research Opposes Current Treatment

- New findings add to complexity of asthma treatment

- New Procedure Alleviates Symptoms In People With Severe Asthma

- New Treatments Improve Control for Severe Asthma

- New Treatments Improve Control for Severe Asthma

- Nitric Oxide Monitoring Adds Nothing to Asthma Control

- No Asthma Benefit from Measuring Exhaled Nitric Oxide

- Patients with severe asthma benefit from antibody injection

- Protein May Hold Key to Blocking Allergy-Induced Asthma

- Severe Asthma Less Common Than Decade Ago

- Severe Asthma Unlike Mild Asthma

- Study Demonstrates That Qvar(R) Is More Likely To Achieve Successful Asthma Control

- Thunderstorm threat to asthmatics

Asthma Articles: Asthma in Children, and Pregnant Mothers

- Acetaminophen Linked to Childhood Asthma

- Asthma Control in Kids May Not Follow Consistent Inhaler Use

- Asthma Risk Begins in the Womb

- Autumn Babies More Prone to Asthma

- Baby Acetaminophen Tied to Asthma

- Dramatic Strides Against Childhood Asthma

- Early Childhood Symptoms Predict Asthma Diagnosis in Young Adults

- Even mild asthma can prove deadly for children

- Fall Babies at Greater Risk for Asthma

- Fall Babies at Higher Risk for Asthma

- Fall Babies: Born To Wheeze?

- First signs of asthma often appear early in patient's life

- How to deal with your child's asthma

- Management of asthma during pregnancy can optimize health of mother and baby

- New asthma inhaler approved for children

- New Treatment Reduces Severity Of Asthma Attacks In Preschoolers

- Nitric Oxide Monitoring Does Not Help Most Children With Asthma

- Omalizumab Cuts Asthma Exacerbations in Young Children

- Teachers' Ignorance Is Putting Children With Asthma At Risk

- Unique Asthma Strikes Children

- Wheezing And Asthma In Young Children

Asthma Articles: Obesity in Asthmatics

- Asthma Meds Don't Work as Well in Overweight Patients

- Childhood Obesity Linked To Asthma

- Lower Weight Equals Lower Symptom Burden in Asthma

- Heavy Breathing: An Obscure Link In Asthma And Obesity

- Is Asthma Changing Your Appetite or Weight?

- Obesity Constricts Corticosteroids' Benefit for Asthma

- Obesity Does Not Worsen Asthma, But May Reduce Response To Medications

- Obesity in children, teens may be linked to allergies

- Obesity May Dampen Response to Asthma Meds

- Obesity May Dampen Response to Asthma Meds

- Overweight Moms More Likely to Have Asthmatic Kids

- Packing on Pounds Worsens Asthma Control

- Steroids Not As Effective In Obese Asthma Patients

Asthma Articles: Eczema in Asthmatics

- Molecule in Skin May Link Eczema and Asthma

- Molecule in Skin May Link Eczema and Asthma

- Why Eczema Often Leads To Asthma

Asthma Articles: GERD in Asthmatics

- Acid Reducers May Not Help All With Asthma

- Asthma Patients Find No Breathing Relief with PPIs

- Link Found Between Asthma and GERD

- Heartburn Medications Do Not Ease Asthma Symptoms, Study Shows

- Heartburn Medications do not Ease Asthma Symptoms

- Millions With Asthma Don’t Need PPIs

- Stop commonly prescribing stomach-upset drugs for asthmatics without serious heartburn

Asthma Articles: Asthma Genetics

- Scientists Zero in on Elusive "Allergy Gene"

- Cells That Mediate Steroid-resistant Asthma Identified

- Cellular On And Off Switch For Allergies And Asthma Discovered

- Family History of Asthma Boosts Odds Almost 6 Times

- Family History of Asthma Boosts Odds Almost 6 Times

- Frequency Of T-cells Determines Severity Of Asthma, Study Finds

- Gene defect find in asthma study

- Gene Variant Linked to Asthma Susceptibility

- Genetics of Asthma Suggest It Is Umbrella Term for Multiple Diseases

- Largest Scale Study So Far On Asthma Genetics Sheds Light On Disease Mechanisms

- More Findings On Gene Involved In Childhood Asthma

Asthma Articles: Allergies in Asthmatics

- Climate Change Could Sting Allergy, Asthma Sufferers

- Folic acid may help treat allergies, asthma

- New discovery may lead to new class of allergy drugs

- New National Study Links Asthma to Allergies

- Preventable injuries from epinephrine injectors on the rise

- Over-the-Counter Zyrtec: a Money-Saver?

Asthma Articles: Mental Health in Asthmatics

- Asthma Associated With Suicidal Thoughts

- Does Asthma Increase Adult Suicide Risk?

- Stressed kids at risk of asthma in adulthood

- Study finds stress link to asthma

Asthma News:

- FDA Scrutinizing Safety of Asthma Drug "Xolair"

- 4 Asthma Drugs Get New Precaution

- Albuterol Said to Work Faster than Combination Agents for Asthma

- Asthma Death Toll Drops

- Asthma Drug Linked to Serious Adverse Events

- Asthma Drugs Get 'Precaution' Labeling for Possible Psychiatric Side Effects

- Asthma Drugs Get 'Precaution' Labeling for Possible Psychiatric Side Effects

- Asthma Drugs Get 'Precaution' Labeling for Possible Psychiatric Side Effects

- Breathing easier with asthma

- Device to help asthma sufferers

- Doctors Slow to Taper Off Child's Asthma Medications

- FDA Advisers Would End Asthma Indications for Two Long-Acting Beta2 Agonists

- FDA Documents Say Drugs Increase Risk of Asthma-Related Death

- FDA Panel Urges Restrictions on 2 Asthma Drugs

- Formoterol For Asthma: Evidence Of Serious Adverse Effects

- Group Urges Public to Take Free Asthma Tests in May

- Group Urges Public to Take Free Asthma Tests in May

- HFA Asthma Inhalers: Making the Switch

- Home nebulizer misuse cited in asthma deaths

- Household Cleaning Bad for Asthma?

- Increasing ICS compliance: The voice may be recorded, but the results are real

- Inhaler Misuse Warning

- Inhalers with GPS may track asthma triggers

- Know Your Asthma Triggers

- Lack of Asthma Control Common in Primary Care Patients

- Most Asthmatics Don't Have Illness Under Control

- Pediatric Inhaled Corticosteroid Asthma Medication Features New Dose Counters

- Regular Treatment With Formoterol For Chronic Asthma: Serious Adverse Events

- Specialists Disagree with Primary Care Doctors on Beta Agonist Warning

- Teaching Families To Manage Asthma Can Reduce E.R. Visits

- The Vest (Airway Clearance Device)

- Tracking Asthma Symptoms: Key to Control

-Two Asthma Meds May Be Too Risky, FDA Panel Says

Future Treatments For Asthmatics:

- Antedrugs: A safer approach to drug therapy

- Bronchial Thermoplasty

- Experimental Drug May Dampen Severe Asthma

- Experimental drug may dampen severe asthma

- Flutiform is being developed for the treatment of asthma

- New Procedure Alleviates Symptoms In People With Severe Asthma

- New severe asthma treatment uses radiofrequency energy to improve patient quality of life


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