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Preventative Medication

Preventative Medication

Please add, edit, or modify as needed.  This is a work in progress.

Oral Corticosteroids: Generally used during severe asthma flares for days, weeks, or possibly months at a time in moderate-to-severe-persistant asthmatics.  Examples:
- Cortef {Hydrocortisone}
- Decadron {Dexamethasone}
- Medrol {Methylprednisolone}
- Meticorten {Prednisone}
- Orapred {Prednisolone}

Inhaled Corticosteroids: Reduce airway inflamation with longterm use, but useless against an acute asthma attack.  Examples:
- Aerobid {Flunisolide}
- Alvesco {Ciclesonide}
- Asmanex {Mometasone}
- Azmacort {Triamcinolone}
- Flovent {Fluticasone}
- Pulmicort {Budesonide}
- Qvar {Beclomethasone}

Nebulized Corticosteroids:
- Pulmicort {Budesonide}

Nasal Corticosteroids:
- Flonase {Fluticasone}
- Nasacort {Triamcinolone}
- Nasonex {Mometasone}
- Rhinocort {Budesonide}

Long-Acting Beta-2 Agonists {LABAs}
: Long acting bronchodilators used in combination with corticosteriods to open the airways.  Examples:
- Foradil {Formoterol}
- Serevent {Salmeterol}

Inhaled Corticosteroid/LABA Combination
: Most commonly used for treatment of moderate-to-severe persistant asthma.  Examples:
- Advair {Fluticasone/Salmeterol}
- Symbicort {Budesonide/Formoterol}

Oral Bronchodilators
: Useful in patients that proper inhaler technique is not possible, cannot not be taught, or tolerated.  Examples:
- Bambec {Bambuterol}
- Brethine {Terbutaline}
- Theo-24 {Theophylline}
- VoSpireER {Albuterol}

Leukotriene Modifiers: Reduce inflamation and mucus production due to the allergic component of asthma.  Examples:
- Accolate {Zafirlukast}
- Singulair {Montelukast}
- Zyflo {Zileuton}

Inhaled Mast Cell Stabilizers: A non-steriod option that reduces inflamation due to the allergic component of asthma.  Examples:
- Intal {Cromolyn}
- Tilade {Nedocromil}

Nebulized Mast Cell Stabilizers:
- Intal {Cromolyn}
- Tilade {Nedocromil}

Oral Expectorants/Mucolytics: Helps to loosen mucus in the lungs so that it can be coughed out more easily.  Examples:
- Choledyl {Oxtriphylline}
- Mucinex {Guaifensin}

Inhaled Expectorants/Mucolytics:
- Dornase Alfa/Pulmozyne
- Hypertonic Saline
- Isotonic Saline

Anti-IgE: Used for severe allergies in moderate-to-severe-persistant asthmatics.  Examples:
- Xolair {Omalizumab}

Inhaled Anticholinergics:
Relaxes the airways, loosens mucus, and helps to prevent bronchospasms.  Examples:
- Atrovent {Ipratropium}

Antihistimines: For allergy prevention, and used during allergic reaction.  Examples:
- Allegra {Fexofenadine}
- Benadryl {Diphenhydramine}
- Clarinex {Desloratadine}
- Claritin {Loratadine}
- Zyrtec {Cetirizine}

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