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R U 1 2? - Poem about Hashimoto...

R U 1 2?


My wife is suffering from Hashimoto’s

A thyroid condition she was told.

It can affect you from your head to toes

And doesn’t care if you’re young or old.


Symptoms noticeable two years ago:

Mood swings and variable cyclic pain.

She was not her usual get up and go

And wished for her old self to regain.


Doctor made blood tests, prescribing HRT.

Made her feel better for a week or two,

But soon slipped back where she used to be

Her life had become decidedly blue.


Another visit to her doctor, more blood taken,

Waited a week for the complicated explanation.

Came home in tears and was visibly shaken,

Has Hashimoto’s like a percentage of the nation.


Look it up on the Web, be prepared for surprise,

Its symptoms are varied and sometimes extreme.

It will make you think, maybe open your eyes

To what you’ve been suffering the years between.





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