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Ranked the number one respiratory hospital in the nation for 15 consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report, National Jewish Health is at the forefront of research and medicine. Since 1899, the institution has pioneered treatment options and set the standard for personalized medicine in lung, heart, immune and allergic disorders. More
What you describe is consistent with the diagnosis of pneumonia that could be bacterial or viral. Examination of your sputum could give a clue. Y...
Most likely what you felt was the re-expansion of a portion of your lung that had either collapsed or become trapped between other tissues. Howeve...
Your cough may be a “smoker’s cough” in the early stages usually secondary to chronic bronchitis from the smoking. And, even during the time frame...
Sub-centimeter lymph nodes, located in the middle of the chest near the lungs on both sides might be a normal variant or the early stages of any of...
You have good reasons to be concerned about your sister and her multiple health problems. Pain associated with her pneumonia should have eased as...
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