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Since 1852, The Mount Sinai Hospital has been a source of major advances in medicine, including blood transfusions, flu vaccines, liver transplants, genetic research and geriatrics. The Hospital fosters an environment in which innovation is encouraged and achieved. More
its always better to not need a transplant if at all possible. There are new true treatments for HCV, for instance, that could cure HCV (if you ha...
its OK to take these 3 different antihypertensives (I assume post-transplantation). I would make sure there is either a cardiologist or nephrologi...
i would definitely dramatically lower your prograf dose. often we leave people on very small doses of prograf (such as 0.5mg BID) just to offset a...
i think that you will do fine Kim, especially if you are not drinking alcohol. With the clearance of HCV and in the absence of other concurrent liv...
sometimes the fluid needs to be drained for relief of discomfort. Ascites is not uncommon to occur post-transplantation. Treatment of the viral i...
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