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Journals about Migraine


by Luliiii, Nov 16, 2014 - 1 Comment
I'm 14, and my migraine is bothering me a lot. I feel like it could happen every unexp...

by worried_for_my_husband, Mar 31, 2014
My husband started having health problems about a month or so ago. Started having migraines...

by sage2x, Mar 13, 2014
lips and left hand and fingers went totally numbe about 25min after Aura onset. Took Relpax...

by eebean2, Aug 16, 2012
I recently moved, and had to have my medications shipped to me via USPS, which took longer ...

by Jking0302, Mar 11, 2012
I feel like I should be getting my period, but I'm not. Could that be the cause of th...

by Phtartist, Sep 14, 2011
I've had migraines all my life, well most of my life from adolescents on. I call what ...

by sage2x, Jun 28, 2011
slept yesterday from ridiculously early -- 2pm-ish? until 1:45 this morning. Woke up to fe...

by sage2x, Jun 27, 2011
migraine 3-8am prodrome 8am reflection of lamp in computer screen --> ocular migraine ...

by keyman26, Jan 19, 2011 - 2 Comments
Jan 2011. Well its been almost a year since my last entry and this is mostly good news. 2...

by musicalm, Dec 10, 2010
1120 - All of a sudden I had a lot of pressure in my left ear that I couldn't explain....