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Journals about Migraine


by marileew, Feb 17, 2009
Today was a migraine day. See Migraine Tracker journal for more info. Joints were crazy...

by marileew, Feb 17, 2009
Today was a migraine day. Could have been triggered by chocolate. Could have been triggered...

by coyotter, Jan 19, 2009
I'm only posting this because having a migraine tag on here is the easiest way for me ...

by Islandsallure, Oct 19, 2008
Came on in the evening. 3rd day of menstral cycle. I haven't had one in months. Went ...

by Bob641, Oct 15, 2008
First day at 9.75mg of Xanax. The muscle cramps are still hurting me, no matter that went b...

by Gerrie45614, Sep 14, 2008
I am 60 years old and have been diagnosed with Chronic Ischemic Gliotic. I had a CT scan, ...

by mymomneedsadoc, Apr 25, 2008
I went to go ask mom some thing about our scheduling plans for the day, to make sure I had ...

by sammijo, Apr 15, 2008 - 6 Comments
I just want to cry, again, I can not believe this day....I can't believe that the rece...

by beffqwerty, Apr 03, 2008
Well i had about 2 hours sleep last night, then woke up at about 3 with a panic attack. Not...

by itsallwaves, Jan 22, 2008 - 6 Comments
I get migraines with a visual aura, which have been haunting me have for over 30 years. Qui...
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