Male, 23
Legazpi City, Philippines
Female, 53
Male, 25
Delhi, India
Male, 30
Los Angeles, CA
Female, 26
Alvin, TX
Male, 12
huntsville, AL

by Lynniepooh, 17 hours - 8 Comments
This is what I plan to post on my gofund page soon. Hi everyone, I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who helped with the fundraiser. Unfortunately we have still been unable to conceive. Between May and now I have been to countless...

by HaleeMI014, 19 hours
Hi baby , how you doing in there ? You're 12 weeks in the womb and I want you here already !! I can't wait to meet you, I had my first ultrasound on the 4th & when I seen you're little self I was so happy, I thought I could never ha...

by Heather8448, 20 hours
Sometimes at night when she can't sleep, she panics because of all she left behind. She freaks because underneath the confidence she has no idea what she's doing or where she's going, Or who she's becoming...and late nights she cri...

by mishymoshymarcy, 23 hours
Well i seem to be quite moody lately. Im not completely happy, but nor am i completely sad. Im sort of just wandering around, not lost i dont think, but just curious. 'I dont even have a reason to be upset anymore, which makes me feel like someth...

by xvmgx, 23 hours
Im 17 years old i just want to know why i cant stay focus or be motivated enough to do things that i say im going to do i get mad and frustrated cause. I dont understand why

by meegWpaw, Sep 15, 2014
ohhhhhhhhhhh my medhelp, what a day !!! I did the rest of my school work by noon ... I graded all the tests (2 tests each for 5th and 6th, 2 tests for 7/8), put them on the computer, and read the story for 7/8 tomorrow ... i'd read all the oth...

by Shae226, Sep 14, 2014
Last month i had my period august 2-7 that was normal and heavy as usual i had unprotected sex the 16 and 23 the last week of august i experienced what appeared to be spotting or implantation bleeding it was very light it was first pink red then brown...

by ezza1987, Sep 14, 2014
Anxiety has decided to mess with my speech today, tongue feels lazy and my speech is slurred. A very annoying symptom which creates panic for me. Dealing with it the best I can.... A glass of water and a well needed nap!!

by JustHelp123, Sep 14, 2014
Yes. Is my 364th day of complete sobriety, but if you went back 8760 hours... I am a year sober

by jolenewititrockwitit, Sep 14, 2014
I have been having so many mood swings lately and I'm pretty sure its driving my fiance nuts. I don't get upset intentionally but when I see something really sad or I watch something happy I get all teary and sniffly and sometimes I actually...