getting ready for school 08/14 - 1
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specialmom That's always a hard time for me.  I enjoy my kids at home and hate to give them back to school.  But boy, my house sure is a lot cleaner once they go!  (looking at the positives)

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RIP to my dad, a good man with a great life. Jan 06 - 8
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AnnieBrooke Thanks so much to you all.
Jan 06
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Piparskeggr I know how I still feel for my dad, who went over the Rainbow almost 8 years ago.
My best wishes to you for a lessening of sadness as you think of your memories of your dad (as I do of mine).
Jan 07
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specialmom I'm also really sorry to read this.  So hard to lose a parent.  hugs
Jan 08
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Emily_MHManager I'm so sorry to hear this. You'll be in my thoughts.
Jan 08
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dominosarah Thinking of you~
Jan 09
busy with a project for grade school. Feel like I'm in 2nd grade again. Oct 15 - 0
rain here after three months of no rain. Gonna be a mess. Sep 17 - 1
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Dee1956 I hope it will help any fires going on, maybe bring down the heat? Good to see you
Sep 20
lovely end-of-summer weather. Sep 12 - 0
praying for Florida friends in the hurricane and its evacuation. Sep 07 - 0
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