Had a scan today and found out what we're having.  Any guesses before I spill the beans?? 04/13 - 43
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tones99 that is a lovely name for what will be a very special bubba!!
Risa615 Lol, I always tell people I am warming up to it too!
Sherri90049 I love that name too! Good thing you guys live far away so there's no issue if you BOTH pick that name! Come to think of it, I think one of kris71's twins is Hunter, too! Funny!!! Big hugs on congrats to all of you ladies!!!! xx
Des_a_rae Hunter is Very cute!! I have a nephew named Hunter :D  Congratulations to you both on the lil boy!! How wonderful! :D
dscoqn Thanks everyone - glad you like the name!

Recent Status Updates

OMG I haven't been on here in so long! Thank you for your notes guys, I will put up some recent pics of Hunter :) Sep 14 - 0
OMG I hvent been on here in so long! Thank you for your notes guys, I will put up some recent pics of Hunter :) Sep 14 - 0
Hi, hope everyone is good! Havent been on here in ages. Hunter is 6 and a half months now & the light of my life :) Apr 17 - 1
Ellen038 Glad to hear from you and to know you both are doing so well.
Apr 18
Hi everyone! I apologise that I haven't been on here in ages - I have been so busy with my little man. Will post some new pics of him :) Jan 28 - 1
Ellen038 Hi stranger!! How are you doing? Your little boy is beautiful. I'm sure he brings you tons of joy
Jan 28
So sorry guys, I haven't had a chance to get on and update you.  Bubs and I are doing well.  Pics to come xx Oct 04 - 4
nola0805 Thanks for posting these pictures.  I have been checking everyday.  Glad that you are both well - he is really something special.
Oct 04
butterflybabies So glad you got on and posted pics. Are you guys home yet?
Oct 04
pb95 Your pictures are fantastic!  You make a beautiful family!
Oct 05
Heather3418 Can't wait to hear from you again, Kahli.  I know you are super busy taking care of a newborn and healing from a c-section, so I understand why you haven't been on line.  Just wanted to remind you, that even though you have had your baby, we are all here to lend an ear to listen and have a soft shoulder to lean, should you ever need it.  You are a huge part of the MedHelp family, Kahli and so is little Hunter.  Love you, little momma.  Gentle kisses to Hunter and warm hugs to you.  
Oct 10
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