Babies are 10 weeks old now. David is almost 11 lbs and Alan 10 lbs. 02/13 - 0

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Hello! The boys are now 8 months and growing so fast! I'm posting and update in my journal below and will put up some more pics as soon as I can. I hope you're all doing great :o) Aug 11 - 0
Hi Ladies!! Boys are 7 months now and growing fast! Sorry I didn't get an update up last time but I'll work on one this weekend. I've been super busy with the babies and school. Miss you all!! Jun 28 - 2
mhv Wow!!! 7 months :). They are still with you???  Those are some patient parents :)
Jun 28
hopeitworks Wow 7 months and MHV took the words right out of my mouth, you still have the boys?
Jun 29
Hey Ladies!! Boys are almost 5 months now!! Update will be in my journal below later today or tomorrow. 04/13 - 0
Boys are one month old already!! Update in my journal below  :o) 12/12 - 0
Babies are here! I'll post all their birth info in my journal. Thank you for all the good wishes :o) 11/12 - 0
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