major blizzard after superstorm sandy 102 days ago. so ready for summer. 02/13 - 2
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tryingtocope39 Hunker down and stay safe, friend. Spring is just around the corner, or so they say! :-)
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deadgamegrrl Hope you are doing ok!

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Happy Mothers Day. I am  visiting my son in Florida. May 14 - 0
Happy and loving birthday to beautiful, talented, intelligent friend Meegy Wim Paw.i love you bunches. Feb 10 - 5
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clean_in_ks Happy Meegy Day!!  Hope you find some time to treat good to yourself in some VERY special way on your birthday♥  Sending you love from Kansas♥♥
Feb 11
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meegWpaw wow i do not think i saw your status or your reply deb until now.  im sorry!  i just dont look around mh that much anymore even if i'm on.  thank you both so much!  i love you two dearly
Mar 08
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dominosarah Happy Belated Birthday!!
Mar 08
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meegWpaw Ty@
Mar 08
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meegWpaw Ty!
Mar 08
Have a blessed and Merry Christmas everyone . Dec 20 - 0
my son surprised me he is coming from florida for thanksgiving!! Nov 22 - 2
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10356 I'm so Happy for you Debbie !! warm hugs
Nov 22
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atthebeach thank you lesa. i was blessed to have all my children home for thanksgivng. i hope and pray you
had a blessed day as well.
Nov 29
Visiting my son in sarasota!! Sep 23 - 2
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Dee1956 Hey there, take care of yourself! Rest, HUGS Dee
Sep 27
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senseanonymous Have a great Journey!
Nov 02
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