I lost another 2 lbs, yay! 08/14 - 9
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Shannon79 How much have you lost to date? And in how long?
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TinaR10 Get it sexy mama
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Grace358 Well done Joanne, its you that's doing it not WW .. Hope your feeling great
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Hollus Go Journey, go!!
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journey2motherhood OOOh Tina, sexy mama, I like that lol! Thanks ladies.  I actually weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant.  Of course all the stress, and stupid fertility meds had a lot to do with the weight gain.  But its OK- you have to do what you have to do.

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will post new journal :-) Feb 23 - 0
Scan indicates under the cut for cancer, however, suggest surgery is the next step, as it could still be cancer.   Feb 16 - 2
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Risa615 I am sorry to hear this, was hoping for better news. What is next? surgery?
Feb 17
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KeeLolo Not the news you or any of us here wanted to hear. I pray God heals you and guides your Drs as to what to do next. And guide their hands during surgery! Peace be with you . Hugs
Feb 21
Scan done, dr appt tomorrow...getting nervous Feb 13 - 2
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mandaszoo Hey J sending big hugs . What is scan for? xx
Feb 13
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Risa615 Hugs, prayers appt goes well
Feb 14
Scan rescheduled to tomorrow due to the snow..ugh Feb 09 - 1
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Risa615 Bummer, we just have a lot of rain over here!
Feb 09
Two more days to PET scan. Feb 07 - 1
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specialmom Hey, I've been thinking of you.  I hope everything is okay!!!
Feb 07
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