My mom has finised her chemo - Friday is the Pet scan,please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! 02/13 - 2
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hopeitworks always praying and wishing for good health for mom hugs
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Des_a_rae Absolutely sending thoughts and prayers moms way...and you all as well!!

Recent Status Updates

Scan indicates under the cut for cancer, however, suggest surgery is the next step, as it could still be cancer.   Feb 16 - 1
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Risa615 I am sorry to hear this, was hoping for better news. What is next? surgery?
Feb 17
Scan done, dr appt tomorrow...getting nervous Feb 13 - 2
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mandaszoo Hey J sending big hugs . What is scan for? xx
Feb 13
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Risa615 Hugs, prayers appt goes well
Feb 14
Scan rescheduled to tomorrow due to the snow..ugh Feb 09 - 1
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Risa615 Bummer, we just have a lot of rain over here!
Feb 09
Two more days to PET scan. Feb 07 - 1
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specialmom Hey, I've been thinking of you.  I hope everything is okay!!!
Feb 07
Well someone is trying to make me nuts, PETSCAN rescheduled to next week now ugh Feb 01 - 1
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Risa615 Bummer! Hang in there!
Feb 02
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