Happy Valentine's Day! 02/13 - 1
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Loveday511 Happy Valentines Day to you also :-)  

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Good bye to all my Medhelp friends going to FB, I'll miss you all! Please send me a msg and I'll send you my email address to stay in touch if you'd like to. Aug 11 - 1
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Hollus I will message you ASAP!!
Aug 15
I hope everyone is doing well, trying to keep up, but hard w/o the feed..hint..hint...hint... Jul 28 - 1
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Hollus I don't think they care. The site was updating for weeks and I thought maybe they'd bring it back but finally able to log on and it isn't any different. So disappointed and sad! I hope you are well Journey!!
Jul 30
Michael is using Clonidine to help him sleep at night, I can't say it's really working all that great, does anyone else have experience with this? How does it work for your child? Jul 18 - 0
Please bring back news feed.... I missed a dear friend's pregnancy announcement!! Jul 13 - 2
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Sheaby I feel the same way!!  I feel so out of touch with everyone!
Jul 13
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journey2motherhood Hi Sheaby, yes, how are you? lol I can't keep up with everyone like this.  
Jul 14
My dad's cancer has returned, but Dr. feels its something they can control.  The less aggressive form has returned, so no chemo, but infusion treatment and daily pill for the next 6 weeks. Jul 06 - 3
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Shannon79 I'm so sorry to read this Joann. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family
Jul 06
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journey2motherhood Thank you Shannon, taking it one day at a time.  But I really feel everything will be okay.  At least that's what I hope for.
Jul 07
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Risa615 Hugs to you Joann, and prayers your dad gets better soon
Jul 09
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