I hope everyone is doing well....I've been really busy over here, I will catch up with everyone soon! 05/13 - 0

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Hello everyone! I'm doing okay, sorry for being mia for awhile.  Surgeries are all over and everything is good! Boys starting kindergarten in a few weeks! Aug 16 - 1
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Hollus Glad the surgeries are over and everything went well! I cannot believe the boys are starting kindergarten already! Has it really been that long...
Aug 27
I hope everyone is doing well :-)  My next surgery had to be cancelled due to respiratory infection ugh... Jul 06 - 2
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Risa615 Oh no, hugs.  I hope you get your surgery soon.
Jul 13
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Hollus I didn't know you even needed surgery. Is everything okay? I hope the infection clears up soon so you can get the surgery you need! **HUGS**
Jul 23
Boys 5th birthday this Friday... where did the time go?   May 22 - 3
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Hollus Wow, 5 already!! What did you do for their birthday?
Jun 25
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Grace358 Wow Happy 5th Birthday boys..hope they had a wonderful time and you are all well, miss chatting here
Jul 02
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mhv Happy birthday boys!  Time has flown by!
Jul 13
Second surgery scheduled for 6/29 - Let's just get this over with! May 08 - 0
very happy to be able to see Alex graduate Pre-school next Thursday! I can't believe they are starting Kindergarten in September! Apr 20 - 2
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hopeitworks Great job Alex!! I'm right there with you on kindergarten, how did we get here already?!
Apr 20
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Hollus Wow, that's crazy!! How are you feeling about your babies starting this next milestone?
Apr 30
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