I hope everyone is doing well....I've been really busy over here, I will catch up with everyone soon! 05/13 - 0

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Graduate college this past Saturday!! Sep 26 - 1
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Des_a_rae What an amazing accomplishment.  Congrats Journey.  So very proud of you!!!
Sep 29
its so quiet here.... Sep 13 - 6
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journey2motherhood So sad Risa... I miss everyone lol.  How are you and your beautiful boy doing?
Sep 15
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pb95 Hope all is well with you both!
Sep 17
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Hollus I would agree...
Sep 17
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mhv No news feed.  Makes it to hard to keep up :(  makes me so sad
Sep 21
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Hollus Me too MHV!!  :'-(
Sep 24
Back from vacation, it was nice to get away, I hope everyone is doing well, :-) Aug 29 - 1
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Hollus Glad you had a lovely vacation!!  :-D  I'm not feeling that well and wish I could go out of town for a bit myself.
Sep 04
Good bye to all my Medhelp friends going to FB, I'll miss you all! Please send me a msg and I'll send you my email address to stay in touch if you'd like to. Aug 11 - 1
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Hollus I will message you ASAP!!
Aug 15
I hope everyone is doing well, trying to keep up, but hard w/o the feed..hint..hint...hint... Jul 28 - 1
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Hollus I don't think they care. The site was updating for weeks and I thought maybe they'd bring it back but finally able to log on and it isn't any different. So disappointed and sad! I hope you are well Journey!!
Jul 30
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