My mom's creatine level went down yay! 06/13 - 1
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mhv yay!!!  Wonderful news!

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Please keep my friend Des_a_rae in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Nov 28 - 1
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Risa615 I am for sure!
Nov 29
I hope you are all doing well, miss talking to you all.   Nov 28 - 0
wishing you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving Week! Nov 18 - 0
..... Oct 25 - 2
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Hollus Hi Journey, happy Saturday! I hope you are doing well!
Nov 05
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mandaszoo Hi J how are you? Do not like the setup of MH anymore , so hard to stay connected. How are the boys doing? and how are you? Love to hear from you x
Nov 07
.... not sure what to do about this anymore? Do I stay or do I go? Oct 17 - 4
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Risa615 I check in a few times a week and newsfeed is still on phone app so I like to see how everyone is doing!
Oct 17
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journey2motherhood Oh I didn't know that, I will download the app then.  Thanks Risa!!
Oct 19
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Risa615 Yeah go to where it says friends on the right when you are on the home screen and the it appears
Oct 20
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Hollus I just get so frustrated that the moderators didn't listen to us. I know I'm not the only one that cannot access the app and uses the site via computer. So sad... I come on at least once a month but the site is so quiet now. Many of my friends have left.
Oct 23
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