ok, got my nails and toes did!  happy camper and now I am all set and ready to go for my sister in laws wedding this saturday! 06/13 - 1
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Lynniepooh A friend of mine lives in AZ and just bought a jeep. She said its too hot to take the top down.  It would be perfect for Michigan right now!  89 today but humid

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Hey everyone, who's still around? Oct 24 - 5
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Barb135 Hi... not sure who you're looking for; there are a few of us still left...
Oct 24
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Risa615 I still check in weekly!
Oct 25
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Hollus Hi!! So great to hear from you!!  :-D
Oct 29
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pb95 Hope you are doing well!
Oct 30
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dragondreamer Long time gone but I have this on my phone so might be on more
Apr 20
will probably be shutting down my medhelp account soon.....or just not logging in for a long time. 05/15 - 3
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melimeli I hope you come on for support through your relationship.  Many of us have been through what you are going through
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Hollus This makes me very sad!!  :'-(
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TinaR10 I am so sorry to see u go. We have been friends on here for 5 years
Gyno tomorrow to talk about BC and what's best for me at my old age of 34 and pcos 05/15 - 0
one or two more temps and I'll know if I Oed 04/15 - 1
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Hollus FX for Oing!!
How much will the alcohol I drank effect my temp tomorrow?temp at 4:50am - 5:30am 04/15 - 0
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