6 days after progesterone cream use and still no af, couple days had son brown spotting. Wtf? 09/13 - 2
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renae176 with progesterone supppositories u wont get AF til u stop them , i dont know if its the same thing with the cream i started the suppositories after O day
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Lynniepooh It's been 6 days since I stopped using it.  I will wait ten and then take provera

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will probably be shutting down my medhelp account soon.....or just not logging in for a long time. May 08 - 3
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melimeli I hope you come on for support through your relationship.  Many of us have been through what you are going through
May 10
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Hollus This makes me very sad!!  :'-(
May 25
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TinaR10 I am so sorry to see u go. We have been friends on here for 5 years
Aug 14
Gyno tomorrow to talk about BC and what's best for me at my old age of 34 and pcos May 07 - 0
one or two more temps and I'll know if I Oed 04/15 - 1
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Hollus FX for Oing!!
How much will the alcohol I drank effect my temp tomorrow?temp at 4:50am - 5:30am 04/15 - 0
cd25 04/15 - 0
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