Definitely walking on the dark side with Tysabri and think I'll stay there 04/13 - 0

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Another year with MS, it continues to surprise me Feb 22 - 1
SarahL2491 Diesel will be 2 in October, where has the time gone?  Tysabri is still my bff, they tease me with Lemstrada but I never see any paperwork.  Squirrels still rule in Diesel's world, unfortunately
May 25
Diesel, now 15 months, has learned her service dog duties but we are still working on socialization which has proved difficult but we will get it solved eventually Feb 22 - 0
Diesel is now 14 months old and growing like a weed, 70 pounds of Aussie is no fun to drag around when squirrels are teasing her!  We are still learning about each other Dec 10 - 1
karryon55 Sounds pretty interesting Sarah. I hope she is giving you lots of love along the way. I have a 9 month old pup now since my little dog passed away in Sept. He's pretty full on but filled with lots of love...mind you he's only 13 pounds. :-)
Dec 12
Diesel will be a year old the end of next month; has it really been that long?  We are still learning from each other but she adds joy to each day Sep 26 - 0
Diesel is teaching me more than I am teaching her and that's ok……we are both learning and bonding 03/14 - 2
Lulu54 I hope it is going well with Diesel and you two are learning together.
Guitar_grrrl Our dogs and kids are such great teachers. Nothing like mutual learning! I can't wait to get another dog for the first time in 13 years!
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