Definitely walking on the dark side with Tysabri and think I'll stay there 04/13 - 0

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Last 3 Lemtrada infusions next week!!  Was up to almost 1.5 mile walk, so guess its working Feb 01 - 0
Lemtrada one down, next one is February 2017, hoping that it stops future relapses 06/16 - 0
Infusion 42 coming up but still trying to get on Lemtrada.  MS continues to be a royal pain and perhaps I should pad my knees with hockey pads! 09/15 - 1
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gypsyflyer Have you heard of LDN? I'm in progressive and it's helped with some symptoms... it's not a MAINSTREAM drug which I'd never even think of taking. You should research it, and it's only $30 a month, those "doctors" don't get a kickback from it.
Another year with MS, it continues to surprise me 02/15 - 1
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SarahL2491 Diesel will be 2 in October, where has the time gone?  Tysabri is still my bff, they tease me with Lemstrada but I never see any paperwork.  Squirrels still rule in Diesel's world, unfortunately
Diesel, now 15 months, has learned her service dog duties but we are still working on socialization which has proved difficult but we will get it solved eventually 02/15 - 0
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