....sigh...... 02/13 - 1
The_Marine_Corp_Brat Hey sweetie,  sorry it's taken me so long to check in. I've been praying for you! How'd your hearing go? (((((Hugs))))

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has been feeling my strength against chiari slipping away Nov 19 - 1
RheaAnn You've come a very long way, Dana and have been through so much. Allow yourself to feel what it is your're feeling, but grab onto that hope that you've shown this whole time! I know you have it in you!!!
Nov 21
dr oro put me in a neckbrace for 4 weeks. that will help him determine whats next. Sep 22 - 4
bean418 Hope you are getting some relief with the neckbrace.  Why did the dr. decide on a neckbrace?  I ask because I have heard of PT starting therapy with neckbraces for CM before surgery, but idk why.
Sep 22
selmaS Dana, so u have CCI?
Sep 23
Sexybare That's what dr oros makin sure before we decide on surgery selma. Its not an easy decision. Fusion sounds not fun. Hope u r well
Sep 27
selmaS I was told I have CCI too, and I had surgery and so far o fusion,....the post op neck exercises I feel were a big help.....not sure when but I know at some point I will need it too.
Sep 27
goin back to dr.oro sun sept 15-tues sept 17, having tests done. hoping for answers. spent some time in hospital because pain and on some extremly strong pain meds. Sep 12 - 0
havent been on in a few weeks, havent been doin to good......sigh Jul 25 - 1
selmaS what's going on Dana?
Jul 26
gonna call nl and ns, need them to check into my basilar invagination. i believe thats the cause of my worst symptoms?! Jun 24 - 0
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