12 week scan booked for 14th actually beginning to get excited! Am so happy and blessed ;o) 11/12 - 1
zara2010 YAY so happy for you!! Can I ask... do you have a midwife apt and then an apt with your doc? I have an apt 21st Dec then I have an apt with my antenatal doc 3rd Jan. Im wondering what will happen at all these apts and if we will see flicker

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finally added some recent pics of Oliver :) Feb 12 - 1
Hollus Yeah!!
Feb 15
Journal up on my hopes, thoughts and fears about trying a FET... Jan 18 - 2
Hollus I want to say something to give you hope and reasurance that it will be okay no matter what you decide. I don't know what to say to give that to you but I will encourage you to talk to your spouse, don't do this all by yourself. In my experience it's when things seem the worst that a small ray of sunshine peaks throught the rain clouds and gives us hope of something better. Hang in there my friend! Whatever you decide, it will be okay!
Jan 20
cheekyhalfs Hey Hollus, so sorry just seeing this now! Ah yeah I do talk to my hubby all the time :) we've decided not to try the FET this year and instead focus on Oliver, buying a bigger house and settling down first. Thank you for your lovely words :)
Feb 17
really battling with things in my head, my heart, emotions etc whether or not to try our frozen embryos for a sibling for Oliver. Have so many fears! Jan 16 - 4
MyMelBgirl The right decision will become evident.  
Jan 16
mhv Go for it :-)
Jan 17
cheekyhalfs We have so much to think about, and I'm a little scared of doing it all again :( have posted a journal to try explain....
Jan 18
mandaszoo I have posted on your journal. I agree with Ellen x
Jan 18
rra Jan 16 - 0
delighted for the lovely Zara and her little family after the safe arrival of her gorgeous wee baba - a little cracker ;-) Jan 11 - 0
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