Started spotting again, and I think I might just be getting cramps now.  This will be the only time I'll willingly say this....COME ON AF!! 11/12 - 1
krichar Not sure whether to say woo hoo or boo :) either way praying some answers come soon

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I wish I could upload pics with my iPad.  I rarely get time on e computer these days. Hope everyone is well!  My little man is 3 months old today! Aug 08 - 1
MyMelBgirl Happy 3 months little Colby.  I bet he is getting so big by now. I sure wish we could upload pic on iPad or iPhone.
Aug 08
Just popping in to say Hi!  Hope to be able to get back on more soon. My little man is growing so fast. 12 weeks old now! Aug 02 - 0
Just popping in to say Hi!  It's been a busy summer so far. Little man is 12 weeks now, and our breastfeeding saga comt Aug 02 - 0
Just poppin Aug 02 - 0
Still just trucking away.  Breastfeed, bottle feed, pump and repeat.  I'll take every minute of it for my little guy though. :) Jul 05 - 2
cheekyhalfs Oh dear, you're doing ever so well, brilliant that you've kept going.
Jul 08
TTC2006 Thanks.  It keeps me tied to the house, but he's a fussy boy, so we wouldn't go out much anyway.
Jul 08
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