-taking my daughter and her friend to a local amusement park tomorrow.  Should be fun!  We've had such a busy summer so far. 07/13 - 3
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krichar Have fun!! We have yet to head there...I have 3 passes to get in too. We are going berry picking by innisfail tomorrow :)
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Ellen038 Have a great time !!
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TTC2006 I buy the annual passes every year. Even if we only go three times over the year, it's worth it.

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added a couple pictures, but for some reason they are flipped.   Aug 08 - 0
posting a couple new pictures for Belle313 of baby J Jun 10 - 0
Our very own Belle313 is a new mommy again!!  Congratulations!  I'm going to post a few pictures of him for her... May 25 - 2
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Dee1956 Thank you for posting pictures TTC, he is adorable, looks perfect to me! What a gift he is!
May 26
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Hollus :-D
Jun 04
Happy Mother's Day to all!  We were busy celebrating our little man turning 2! We got to share the day. :) May 09 - 0
added some updated photos from over the past year.   Feb 27 - 0
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