CD1 will apparently be a no-show...since I got a surprise, miracle BFP today! 09/13 - 13
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pb95 Awesome news.  Congrats!  I love when things just happen for people out of the blue!
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renae176 SO do i, its amazing news, its weird that people that try for years plan to do IVF then get preg the month before they start, i think its cause your more relaxed isnt it, So happy that you dont have to do IVF Melissa
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Shannon79 Woohoo!! Congrats on your bfp!! H&H9M
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KTowne omg how did i miss this?!? Congratulations!!!! So excited for you!
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TTC2006 Thanks all!

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Dee1956 Thank you for posting pictures TTC, he is adorable, looks perfect to me! What a gift he is!
May 26
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Hollus :-D
Jun 04
Happy Mother's Day to all!  We were busy celebrating our little man turning 2! We got to share the day. :) May 09 - 0
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