appointment with the inmunologist on December 19th. Tongue issues still there (six months now) 12/12 - 0

Recent Status Updates

Prolonged xerostomia, slightly leukopenia, low CD8 counts, CD4/CD8 ratio around 2. Jan 21 - 0
Lip biopsy done to see if this is Sjogrens. Will update. Nov 15 - 0
"Gammagraphy shows a significant decrease in the salivary glands functions" Oct 24 - 1
maatson Low unstimulated salivary flow and subjective oral dryness: association with medication, anxiety, depression, and stress.
Oct 24
going for a gammagraphy of salivary glands in two weeks. Oct 05 - 0
xerostomia (dry mouth) for 2 years in a row now. tongue totally white due dryness/lack of saliva. Jun 22 - 3
Blessedtb23 Same here n every doctor I go to say it's not contagious it might be some dealing with my intestines but I do not believe that I'm still not going to do anything oral because I'm scared ima pass it on to someone
Jun 22
ashler1977 what about unprotected sex? are you having unprotected intercourse?
how are your white blood cells?
Jun 23
Blessedtb23 Yes im having unprotected sex but my boyfriends Fine went to d Dr n everythings normal n my white blood cells where stillin the normal range two weeks ago
Jun 24
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