hi ladies..still around found out my dh was having a affair and is with the woman he divorced me for May 06 - 9
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Dolphin05 Oh wow that's crazy! I don't even know what to say except I'm here if you want to vent.
May 08
Bnl1024 Im so sorry to hear that! but look on the bright side your not getting cheated on anymore! Keep your head up i know it will get tough at time but just stay strong. I know you have it in you, your a mom of 3 wonderful girls!
May 09
hopeitworks You deserve so much better and I think you are finally on the path towards that. Head up you are gonna be just fine!!
May 09
nic374 thanks girls, bni1024 I have 4 little girls:-) I was being cheated on while I was pregnant with the last baby, he is a fat jerk, the upside I went from 205lbs since Dec to 140lbs now so thats a plus :) <3
May 11
Bnl1024 congrats on your weight loss! thats amazing!!!! lol i know i thought about the 4th one after i sent it sorry. just keep your head up and stay strong!
May 14

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hey girls! still around and still single. but legally divorced as of last Thursday Feb 15 - 0
Hey everyone!  Still her found a best friend she's a girl not a guy we hang and been having fun together since we're both still single Jan 05 - 0
Hey everyone!  Still her found a best friend she's a fl Jan 05 - 0
Hey girls im still around been vet busy since my mom died,  the good thing is I've been out dating found a few men to help me out but nothing serious,  we keep it very light,  ill update once I've got a man!   Nov 20 - 1
Shannon79 Glad to hear you're getting out and meeting men. Good idea keeping it light. No need to jump into anything serious right away
Nov 20
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