Hurricanes, hurricanes, go away; don't come back another day... Sep 07 - 17
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supermum_ms Keep your head down babe.....thinking of you!
Sep 11
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Jade59 Thinking of you Barb, heck, your entire family and anyone else affected by this unbelievable
hurricane.  I'm with Sara, I've never been through such a thing in my entire life.  My heart goes out.  Watching CNN still.  Power Co ready and waiting to help!
Sep 13
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Dee1956 Thinking of you Barb, awful storm! I hope you will be back soon
Sep 17
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Dee1956 Still here, looking for you my friend, I hope you are ok.
Sep 20
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Dee1956 These hurricanes really frighten me. What is happening? Montana, California on fire, Earthquakes in Mexico, just wonder what is happening. I hope you are okay.
Sep 22

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Happy New Year to everyone... Dec 31 - 4
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Dee1956 Happy  New Year!
Jan 02
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mikesimon HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 02
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Barb135 Thanks you guys... hope you're off to a good start and it keeps on going!!!!
Jan 03
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senseanonymous Happy new year 2018 : ))
Jan 13
So done with this year... Dec 26 - 3
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Dec 26
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mikesimon Yeah I agree - but the way things are going 2018 sure doesn't look real promising. We can hope.....I guess.
Dec 29
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Barb135 2018 isn't looking real promising for me, either, but I've always been the eternal optimist, so you're right, Mike... we keep hoping!!
Dec 31
I'm so done with this year... Dec 26 - 0
Merry Christmas; Happy Holidays; Season's Greetings Dec 25 - 0
Planning to sit out 2018 to see if that works better for me... :-) Dec 19 - 1
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specialmom Ugh.  Been a long year?  My son says that since it is an even year, it should be a better one.  Have no idea where he got that but I'm going with it.  :>)  Hope all is well.  hugs
Dec 20
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