My sleeping pattern is the worst its ever been. 11/12 - 4
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witheredrose Im sorry! I know when i went off my seroquel on went on geodon, i didnt sleep for days!! During the day, i was sick, tired but couldnt sleep, and at night i felt fine but was wide awake. It was weird. Maybe its because you went off your meds for awhile
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Ginger077 Mine is too my dear. I'll try and look for you online so maybe we can chat. I hope you got my message the other day.
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RainLover71 there a good meds for sleep like benzos but don't get hooked on them.Start of with a low dose and build it up as needed.
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helplogan I'm only getting some sleep every 2/3 day's at the moment . My Mood and brain are all over the place. I will just have to ride the storm, I hope you get some rest soon. ((( sending hugs)))

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Hello Medhelp. I am back. Jul 11 - 2
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Belle313 Hello my dear friend. How are you and S doing?
Haven't seen you around in ages. Had a new baby at the end of May. My family is complete now.
Jul 11
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specialmom Hi Swabes.  It's been a long time!  How are you??  I hope you are REALLY back.  Would love to see you on the forums.  :>))  How is life?  I hope things are well.  Anyway, glad to 'see' you.  hugs
Jul 14
.. 05/15 - 0
Uhm hi everybody. I realise I'm hardly on here anymore and I'm thinking of deleting this account. Feel free to pm and I can give you my email address if anybody wishes to keep in touch with me outside of medhelp. 01/15 - 0
Xmas tree is going up today. in my own house! So excited! 12/14 - 0
I turned 21 on Monday and I'm moving into our new home with S on Friday!! 10/14 - 2
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mishymoshymarcy Congrats and happy birthday for Monday!!!!!!!! :) :)
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swabes Thank you Marcy!  X
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