will be posting less now - dealing with some health issues. 07/14 - 5
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MH Community Mgr Hope you feel better soon - from all of us at MedHelp!
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AnnieBrooke Good luck with those.  Annie
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HPA5 Thank you for sharing your knowledge with so many of us online. From your profile. Best wishes for improvements in your health!  Trust that your impish felines will provide comfort & entertainment. (I'm also a cat-lover, but am currently catless  in Cda).
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LucyEvony I have enjoyed your chats !!! If ever you need to throw some ideas around, just need few fingers on the end of a keyboard to listen to...then please dont hesitate to do so :) Your a great source of information and inspiration in these forums :).
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spitfire2 Thank you SO MUCH for all your help--we are all more than grateful for everything you have done.  I hope you feel better soon!!  I also have enjoyed your sense of humor, and send many best wishes to you!  

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is. Mar 28 - 0
has shingles and is in a great deal of pain. :( Jan 07 - 1
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Dee1956 I'm so very sorry to hear. Have you tried the lidocaine patches? They're called Lidoderm.
Jan 08
Is mostly recovered and hopes to be popping in more often! :) 12/16 - 2
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gimel Very glad you are doing better.  
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Barb135 I'm glad you're recovering okay.
Dec 18
Is most 12/16 - 0
Is having surgery, will not be posting for a while 10/16 - 1
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Augustjr Good luck your posts have been very helpful about the pituitary surgery. I read a ton of them before having surgery.
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