will be posting less now - dealing with some health issues. Jul 08 - 5
MH Community Mgr Hope you feel better soon - from all of us at MedHelp!
Jul 08
AnnieBrooke Good luck with those.  Annie
Jul 11
HPA5 Thank you for sharing your knowledge with so many of us online. From your profile. Best wishes for improvements in your health!  Trust that your impish felines will provide comfort & entertainment. (I'm also a cat-lover, but am currently catless  in Cda).
Jul 14
LucyEvony I have enjoyed your chats !!! If ever you need to throw some ideas around, just need few fingers on the end of a keyboard to listen to...then please dont hesitate to do so :) Your a great source of information and inspiration in these forums :).
Jul 16
spitfire2 Thank you SO MUCH for all your help--we are all more than grateful for everything you have done.  I hope you feel better soon!!  I also have enjoyed your sense of humor, and send many best wishes to you!  
Aug 06

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planted some tomatoes! May 26 - 3
MH Community Mgr Sounds delicious!  I bet you need to cover them with metal protectors from the deer?
May 26
specialmom Yes, cover them if you can!  I planted several plants myself . . .  until the deer locomotion came into the station and mowed them down.  They ate most down to the ground.  Oh, I was so disappointed.  I have a couple of plants left.  Hope yours are delish
May 26
rumpled We built a fence from the deer and critters... How well you know! I hope they survive!
May 27
Is enjoying spring flowers! Apr 29 - 0
wants spring! Mar 23 - 0
is dreading the cold weather! Jan 05 - 0
wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year! Dec 22 - 0
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