is recovering... 09/13 - 1
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LivingInHope How are you doing in your recovery?

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finds rain painful... May 08 - 0
thinks her gallbladder is going kerplunk... Mar 03 - 1
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sugarsmommie Oh no! It's been a long time since I've logged on to check posts. I'm thinking of you and saying prayers for you. Sounds like you have had a long, hard road to hoe so to speak. Hugs....feel better soon!!
Mar 07
Is getting better finally! Mar 02 - 1
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zouzi Wonderful news rumpled!
I am very happy to hear that you are feeling better!
I wish you continued good health and happiness ! :)
Mar 02
Still struggling w anemia and post op infections... Jan 23 - 1
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diianna Keep strong Rumple. My prayers and healing thoughts for your quick recovery.
Feb 01
Stage 1, but post op staph, cellulitis infections dragging me down! Jan 11 - 0
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