is wondering how she got gastritis from her steroids... bleah. 09/13 - 3
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horselip Gastritis, oh my. Sounds dreadfully painful. HC and low dose Dexamethasone sometimes upsets my tummy too, so I usually have a little yogurt or 1/2 banana to keep away the nausea. Poor Rumpled
657231 tn?1453836403
rumpled Yeah... I was good for years so this is an unwelcome development. Now I have to heal this up and take steps to keep it away.
875426 tn?1325532016
LivingInHope I'm sorry you're suffering!

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is. Mar 28 - 0
has shingles and is in a great deal of pain. :( Jan 07 - 1
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Dee1956 I'm so very sorry to hear. Have you tried the lidocaine patches? They're called Lidoderm.
Jan 08
Is mostly recovered and hopes to be popping in more often! :) Dec 16 - 2
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gimel Very glad you are doing better.  
Dec 16
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Barb135 I'm glad you're recovering okay.
Dec 18
Is most Dec 16 - 0
Is having surgery, will not be posting for a while Oct 26 - 1
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Augustjr Good luck your posts have been very helpful about the pituitary surgery. I read a ton of them before having surgery.
Nov 01
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