is ok 04/13 - 1
stacey10 Ok is a good place to be :).  Xx

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Over 3 years ago I joined this site just before our one and only failed DE IVF. It is so inspiriring to follow all the journeys of such amazing ladies. Thank you dear friends for inspiration and continued support. Love you x Nov 08 - 6
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Belle313 I am so glad to of met you. I know we haven't had lots of time to exchange emails and all. I want you to know I still think and pray for you all the time. I am overjoyed knowing Sophie is finally coming home. Lots of love & happiness to youi
Nov 09
cheekyhalfs You too M, you've always been there for me when you can. Juggling life and daily chores keeps us away from here sometimes, but it's always nice knowing you're always still there, as it is with others on here. Hope you guys are good x
Nov 11
Hollus It is so good to have you for a friend Manda and you inspire me everyday!!  :-D
Nov 14
cheekyhalfs Ps...gorgeous profile pic of you and the husband :)
Nov 15
mandaszoo Thank you ladies for your lovely comments . I am here for all of you even if I am not on here so much and I know you are there for me too. Sending you all hugs xx
Nov 16
. Oct 19 - 1
Hollus Hi Manda! I hope all is well and that your adoption is finished or nearly there! **HUGS** my friend!!
Oct 25
Scared and facing another knockback. Prayers needed. new journal up Oct 19 - 0
Scared and facing another knockback. Prayers needed Oct 19 - 0
New Adoption Update YAY!!! Sep 22 - 1
Hollus What does that mean? Are you welcoming 2 children into your life? Is Sophie home with you now?
Oct 11
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