Why should i smile? 1. It brings light into the world. 2. The world doesnt have to deal with another unhappy girl. 3. Its an illusion that misleads everyone and tells them that you are alright... even if your not. 03/13 - 0

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Please let me wake up with some sense of purpose... 13 hrs ago - 0
Oh gosh i dont know anymore. I was doing so well for a while, now all i want to do is destroy myself. 18 hrs ago - 0
Darling, dont let yourself waste your life away... please, dont give up on yourself. You are better than you believe, i promise. Oct 19 - 0
Remember, you dont need anyone but yourself. Oct 19 - 0
Cant believe how much better i feel today. I wish i was able to get myself to this point everytime im anxious. Oct 16 - 2
Hollus With some patience and practice you will! Just remember how great today feels!
Oct 18
mishymoshymarcy I'll sure try. :)
Oct 19
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