Latest school night i have ever had...5am was when i got to bed. Then had to wake up one hour and a half later...was doing homework.... 03/13 - 0

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I'm sick of thinking, and its funny because I dont even know what I'm thinking about.. but it just annoys me. 22 hrs ago - 2
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Hollus Breath, just breath!!
14 hrs ago
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... Jun 20 - 0
Not sure what is going on anymore. Just need to breathe. Jun 20 - 0
Not sure what I feel anymore. Not even sure if I'm okay. But you have to keep pushing right? As long as you smile and pretend everything is fine. Jun 19 - 0
Writing is both a bad and a good experience- It lets you explore so many different places, but leaves you vulnerable to being lost.. but eventually you learn to save yourself Jun 19 - 0
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