Just because i am not crying... Does not mean I am ok.... 04/13 - 0

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If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will see results. Jul 04 - 2
Hollus Keep choosing change my friend and stay open and willing to learn! You are a strong, smart young lady!
Jul 05
mishymoshymarcy Thanks Hollus! :) xo
1 hr ago
You know what you have to do Marcy. Make yourself proud, do it. Jul 02 - 2
Nighthawk61 i''m so happy you're keeping yourself happy instead of really makes my day knowing how you are trying so hard to go down the right road in life... i'm so sure your mom and grandma are really happy with the changes within you honey..xo
Jul 03
mishymoshymarcy Thank you so much Liz. I hope I can keep it up after the holidays finish.. Because you know what usually happens. I am so positive and happy during the holidays, but when school starts again, it starts to go downhill
Jul 04
Lifes good. :) Jul 02 - 0
Keeping myself as busy as can be. I want to be happy, rather obsess over thoughts all the time. Everything is great, I am happy and i will stay that way.   Jun 29 - 0
When you allow yourself so much time to obsess over certain thoughts, it affect you. So i will try to keep myself as busy as can be, because i want to be happy. Jun 29 - 0
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