Your little birdy loves you. It's time for you to let go darling grandfather... Please, set yourself free... Set us all free... Your a beautful soul, you will be in peace very soon. 04/13 - 0

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"Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul." Mar 14 - 2
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Nighthawk61 "The true opposite of depression is neither gaiety nor absence of pain, but vitality--the freedom to experience spontaneous feelings."
Mar 19
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Mar 21
. Mar 12 - 2
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Hollus Hi my friend! How are you doing? What are you up to these days? I hope you are well and happy!!
Mar 12
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mishymoshymarcy Can't say I'm well or happy, but Im getting by! Uni is going alright, and im just trying to keep my focus on my studying i think. Hope you are well. x
Mar 13
"I'm scared of going out into the world and being something bigger than myself...but the truth is, there is nothing bigger than myself." Mar 08 - 0
"GOD, please help me to make the right choices on this day and every day of my life." Feb 26 - 0
Marcy the University student... Lets see how Uni life treats me, or how I treat it for that matter. Feb 24 - 0
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