Your little birdy loves you. It's time for you to let go darling grandfather... Please, set yourself free... Set us all free... Your a beautful soul, you will be in peace very soon. 04/13 - 0

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It may not always be a good end to the day. But thats okay, darling. You wake up tomorrow and make the start a better one. Dec 08 - 0
"Stop hanging out with DOUBT and WORRY, and make FAITH your new best friend." Oct 29 - 0
You have nothing to lose... so why not try at least? Oct 20 - 0
You have to allow yourself to be bad at something before you can be good at it. Sep 20 - 2
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senseanonymous Oh mishy one day you will know the world beyond good or bad.. I wish you all the best for your future
Oct 01
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mishymoshymarcy Thank you so much :)
Oct 05
I cant help but feel like a disappointment... A pathetic excuse for a human being. Sep 20 - 0
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