Scan day tomorrow!!! Nervous as hell Jun 14 - 2
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KeeLolo Great! Can't wait to read an update on how it went.
Jun 14
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laureninlove Thanks Kee I'll update at about 3.30pm UK time eeeek
Jun 15

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39 Weeks! Feeling great, just want to meet him or her already!! 19 hrs ago - 0
Single digits..9 days until due date YIKES!!!!! Jan 13 - 0
38 +2 and had our last ultrasound today! Baby measuring great just a bit too much fluid in there. Jan 11 - 0
38 Weeks and baby isn't going anywhere urgh. Hurry up!!! 14 days to due date!! Jan 08 - 2
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Belle313 So close now!! Your going to have yourself a little Aquarius baby most likely.  They are quite different (in a good way) then most zodiac signs. Do you have a gut feeling as to wether it’s a boy or girl? Any names your thinking of?
Jan 08
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laureninlove We are pretty sure we know the gender after seeing a potty shot but we asked for it to not be confirmed. Picked a name if we are right but I found out that it was 4th in the most registered names last year! Can't believe it I thought it was so unique! :(
Jan 09
37 Weeks and full term! Jan 02 - 1
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Hollus Hip hip hooray!! Not long now and you will be holding your LO in your arms for the first time!! So happy for you Lauren!!  :-D
Jan 07
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