Hard hard hard hard week :-/ 11/12 - 1
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zara2010 ((hugs)) xx

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CD14 - it's fertile week ;) Apr 18 - 1
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Hollus FX for BFP!! Sending positive thoughts and SSBD your way Lauren!!
Apr 20
CD1 and I've come down with the flu, lovingly passed to me by my husband!!! More miserable than disappointed so that's a bonus!!! :P Apr 05 - 2
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Hollus I hope you are feeling better now Lauren!! The flu is no fun!!
Apr 10
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cheekyhalfs Sorry Lauren :( hope you feel a little better soon.
Apr 11
CD14 BFN and not even spotting....kinda the worst result really when all you want is a BFP or AF to show!!! >.< Apr 03 - 1
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KeeLolo I know what you mean.... Fingers crossed for ya
Apr 03
2 DPO journal up. Feeling overwhelmed and drained. Never felt so desperate Mar 22 - 2
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Belle313 Thinking of you Lauren. Sending you loads of baby dust.
Mar 23
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Hollus Me too; sending loads and loads of baby dust and praying for your BFP!!
Apr 02
1 DPO and we have done all we could to hope and pray for a BFP in two weeks.....oh dare I hope?!!! Can't help but...! Mar 21 - 0
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