Hard hard hard hard week :-/ 11/12 - 1
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zara2010 ((hugs)) xx

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CD16 it's a duff cycle then! Blah Mar 27 - 0
1st 5lbs to lose to do IVF......gonna do it by start of April, Watch this space! Jan 30 - 4
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KeeLolo Yayy, sounds like you're well on your way. Congrats
Feb 06
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Hollus I can't wait to hear some amazing news about BFP!! So happy for you!!
Mar 12
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Shannon79 WTG! Any news on the biopsy yet?
Mar 21
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specialmom Awesome!!  Sending you my best luck wish!!  It will work out hon!
Mar 21
After 14 days I finally stopped AF. Hurrah! No biopsy result yet.... Jan 29 - 0
CD13 still bleeding after colposcopy. Yikes seriously???? Jan 23 - 0
Cd8 and still bleeding lightly, have to put it down to the colposcopy. Can see this dragging out Jan 19 - 0
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