Baby turns 3 months tomorrow!  We all got sick for Labor Day but at least staying home together means more cuddles! Sep 03 - 0

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a new semester, and daycare, start on Monday!  Yikes!!!! Aug 22 - 1
Lulu54 good luck - I hope it goes well for all of you on Monday.  It's tough after all the time at home.
Aug 23
missing my dear old cat & beloved friend. Aug 15 - 0
baby is just over 8 weeks back to the gym for the first time today...Time to start using those weight and exercise trackers again! Aug 02 - 1
JackieCalifornia I'm so happy for you and your family!  You sound great, and that's no mean trick when you're sleeping in chunks of 4 hours.  :)  Enjoy!  In years ahead, just seeing a pair of outgrown, half-worn out baby overalls will get you all misty.  :)  
Aug 06
baby is just over 6 weeks now.  time is flying, I love every day! Jul 18 - 0
38 weeks today.  How come I'm the only one at work on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend? May 25 - 0
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