Guess Who Finally got a hold of me? To the ones who have been on for a long time, it was FOURJAYS!!! Sep 16 - 0

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Prayers go out for those who got killed & hurt in the Las Vegas evil shooting. One of the worst in our US history!! Oct 02 - 0
HELLO!!!!! Sep 13 - 0
Plz Pray for Rain. The US seems to be on Fire. We are in a Red Alert here in N Idaho due to the heavy Smoke. Sep 06 - 1
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Sep 08
OK!!! I sure hope I do not have any more computer/printer issues. Need to catch up around here. Hope everything is going good for Sep 01 - 5
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specialmom Nice to see you on the side bar of the CL community!  Computer issues are the worst (okay, there are worse things . . .but you know what I mean).  Glad to see you today!  Have a great weekend!
Sep 01
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Barb135 Hi Vic... sorry you've had computer issues; that's the pits, for sure, but glad to see back.  It's pretty quiet around here.  Have a good weekend.
Sep 02
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dominosarah Did you lose my number?????????????????????
Sep 03
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dominosarah I just read your pm!!!  I havent seen any missed calls from you but our phone is messed up too!
Sep 03
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VICourageous YES..I tried calling SO many times and on the weekend. I know you work all week. Try calling this way, I am usually home.
Sep 04
Hi..Who is still around?? Took a break for over 5m. Comming up on the big Five yrs & there have been so many NEW changes. It was time to Really Grow UP!! Life has been good considering all those ups & downs. Bless All. Jul 20 - 4
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jifmoc Giiiirrrrrl!!! Where ya been? I missed you!!!! So glad you're back:)
Jul 21
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jugglin Aw, Vic, you sound great!  I pop in every once in awhile...more so lately. So good to see you!
Jul 21
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10356 You sound well and Happy V  Congrats on almost 5 years!! That is so freaking Awesome so Happy and Proud of you!! Keep it going V Sobriety sounds good on you!! love, lesa
Jul 21
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Dee1956 Really happy to see you!
Jul 26
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