What anawesome day it has been !!!!! Updated pics from scan today! 18 weeks Sep 27 - 5
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natasha2004 Congrats on that little boy! I continue to pray that things keep going smoothly for you!
Sep 28
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pb95 Yay! Boy! Hugs to you!!
Sep 29
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KeeLolo Thank you NaTasha so very much! Much appreciated
And PB thanks to you as well.
Sep 29
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Heather3418 He is so handsome, Kee.  I love his little nose and his perfect little lips.  I noticed he DOES have long legs, as you said.  I figured out a while back that he looked bigger than the "cartoon" like pictures you put up.  Don't take the word cartoon wrong.
Sep 29
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babyIvy_42715 Omg!!!! Yayyyyyy praying this is a happy healthy pregnancy..btw I'm BACK!!! hi ladies
Oct 05

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