Evening all.... Well OPK negative today but I don't usually O until cd16... So staying positive ;-) 03/13 - 2
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leillani SSBD!
4769306 tn?1485297917
KeeLolo Thanks trying a different test this time still Clearblue Easy but this is Advanced Digital. Gives you 4 days instead of the normal 2. 2 high days and 2 peak days today test was positive for a high fertility day.....Thanks for the BD!!! and PRAYERS!!!

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6dpo and I've been extremely gassy since 2dpo?!? 13 hrs ago - 0
Today is 3dpo Feb 22 - 0
Here we go 1dpo!!!!!! Feb 20 - 3
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veronica0808 Yes mam
Feb 20
1386765 tn?1451167937
pb95 Wishing you both the best!
Feb 20
12940884 tn?1487031395
Belle313 Same here...wishing you both the best
Feb 21
Isaac pleaded with the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was unable to have children. The LORD answered Isaac's prayer, and Rebekah became pregnant (with twins) Genesis 25:21 Feb 16 - 0
Dont know if its me.... But since being on the supplements my skin has gotten more clear. Feeling really good about it Feb 09 - 4
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natasha2004 I noticed the same since I have been taking EPO! Ovulation here we come!
Feb 11
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KeeLolo Lol, absolutely!!!! I was gonna start testing with OPK on cd10 which is today, but think I'm gonna wait till at least cd12
Feb 12
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desderius missing you!!!
Feb 13
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Llindar Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! :)
Feb 14
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