Going through a really rough time! My bf lost his job so we have no income right now, Im going through horrible problems with my health and everything is just starting to fall apart. Please pray for my family because I don't know whats gonna happen! Feb 20 - 1
Ellen038 I'm so sorry to hear this. I am around if you want to talk. Will keep your family in my prayers
Feb 20

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So I was thinking about donating my eggs so someone else can have a baby. I turn 21 next month and once I do I'm gonna look into it. I'm not sure if I will have anymore kids with everything going on in my life so why not give someone else the opportunity? Jul 18 - 0
My baby girl is officially walking :) Jul 11 - 0
I had my tonsil surgery on July 2nd and I'm only on day 4 of recovery and I'm in so much pain! Jul 06 - 0
These next couple of months are going to be crazy. I have a brain MRI on july 1st, tonsil surgery July 2nd and my 4th right knee surgery on August 28th :/ Jun 28 - 0
Going through a rough time, I could really use some friends right now! Jun 13 - 1
lolly1011 Me too.  I'm here!
Jun 14
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