I am going through some crazy stuff right now, upcoming surgery, my relationship is falling apart and severe thyroid problems :( I just want my life back to normal May 14 - 5
Risa615 What is going on with your thyroid? I take meds for hypo
May 14
heather727 Sorry that you're having to deal with so much all at once. I hope you're able to get to a place where you're happy and healthy!
May 15
KylieRMs_momma Thanks Heather! I'm hoping things start getting better! I need to start being happy and I want my good health back.
May 19
KTowne I also take meds for hypo. Thinking of you!
May 20
KylieRMs_momma I just wrote on the thyroid page and i just looked at my blood work and from the looks of it my thyroid isnt the only problem. I have a lot of high and lows in my blood work
May 20

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So I was thinking about donating my eggs so someone else can have a baby. I turn 21 next month and once I do I'm gonna look into it. I'm not sure if I will have anymore kids with everything going on in my life so why not give someone else the opportunity? Jul 18 - 0
My baby girl is officially walking :) Jul 11 - 0
I had my tonsil surgery on July 2nd and I'm only on day 4 of recovery and I'm in so much pain! Jul 06 - 0
These next couple of months are going to be crazy. I have a brain MRI on july 1st, tonsil surgery July 2nd and my 4th right knee surgery on August 28th :/ Jun 28 - 0
Going through a rough time, I could really use some friends right now! Jun 13 - 1
lolly1011 Me too.  I'm here!
Jun 14
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