Back at it again.. gave myself a few days. Waiting to see if I ovulate.. did opk this morning will post pic.. I think its pos not sure 08/14 - 3
195469 tn?1388326488
Heather3418 Definitely a positive, Veronica.  After a D&C a woman's body can take a couple of cycles to get back to normal.  You will ovulate, but like you said, it's a late ovulation.  Sweetheart, if there is an egg there, as your test shows, you CAN get pregnant.  Remember that, precious, so don't count yourself out.  With some women it takes a couple of months to get back on track.  But I am going to keep the faith with your positive OPK.  Keep YOUR hopes up too.  Many Motherly Hugs and much friendship love.  Hang in there, Veronica.
1302038 tn?1439578832
TinaR10 Glad to see you are back at it girl.I am keeping you in my prayers
5575813 tn?1452484685
Hollus It did look possitive! Glad you are back in the saddle!  :-D

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KTowne Praying for you V!
Jan 20
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KeeLolo Me too, praying for you cycle buddy as I too am 1dpo :-)
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