Cd17 still no pos opk hummm Apr 21 - 0

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Had pos hpt from 9dpo to 14 dpo another chemical.. back to cd1 Jul 07 - 3
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soccermom2b I'm so sorry!  Hoping this cycle is full of SSBD!  Even though it's crazy...I can't help hope that I might miraculously get pregnant naturally before all my eggs are gone.  DH and I have never been able to get pregnant outside of IVF so not likely :(
Jul 08
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Hollus **HUGS**
Jul 23
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Shannon79 Awww so sorry to hear this V. *big hugs*
Jul 24
8dpo lots of nausea ughhh Jun 30 - 1
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Belle313 Crossing my fingers that you are Pregnancy buddies with Kee. Sending you super sticky baby dust
Jun 30
Ovulation day,,, Jun 21 - 1
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Hollus FX and sending SSBD your way!!
Jun 25
Back again at cd1 .. this is the last cycle May 07 - 0
9dpo lots of nausea May 02 - 0
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