How do you deal with tarter in your dog's mouth? Aug 29 - 2
tonyb286 I try to use a brushing and doggy toothpaste, but I've yet to meet a dog that will let you do it for very long. I tend to give them a Dentistix once every other day, just as a dental treat - and I'm also now using a gel called Tropiclean Fresh Breath.
Aug 29
breezytoo Thank you tonyb! Yes he needs the help with his breath too.
Aug 30

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Xanax is a terrible drug when you run out of them!! 21 hrs ago - 1
meegWpaw oh hani, Xanax is a terrible drug!!!  bee careful lil mama  <3
20 hrs ago
Rusty unhappy with new puppy :( Sep 28 - 2
meegWpaw maybe he will get used to him.  love you Dar!
Sep 28
breezytoo He won't be a puppy forever, everytime he sees Rusty he is all over him. Rusty has bit him a couple times and he still doesn't get the message, lol. Love you back Meegy!
21 hrs ago
Rain at last and a new puppy. Not house trained yet so I hope she loves the rain too! Sep 25 - 0
Officially Fall at last! First day of wonderful my fav season. Sep 22 - 1
clean_in_ks It IS a glorious season!  I always think Fall is my favorite when it arrives...then after making it thru a very brown Winter....then I think Spring is my favorite!!  LOL
Sep 22
Breezy's dating again, big fun. Aug 24 - 0
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