my sister-in-law is due june19th, so im going to her place next week to help her out for the whole month...i hope baby will come a bit sooner..luv small babies:)) 05/13 - 0

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........ Mar 18 - 0
Blank think this cycle has been anovulatory..although with positive temps r same...:/ Mar 16 - 0
not sleeping we'll these days coz zahra caught the cold bug...poor girl :( Mar 15 - 0
okay don't know wats going bbt not rising as it should after the ovulation...getting back to back positives from last 3 days...may b i haven't ovulated my CM is dry so i know I'm not ovulating...lets c Mar 13 - 0
ok a positive op 41...and a temp just pissed to c that few of my past bbts are just not in the chart...i did put them...dont know wats wrong with this site..:@ Mar 11 - 2
veronica0808 I agree sometimes i put things and they not there.. I like to look back too to compare... Get ur grove on tonight woman good luck!!!
Mar 11
Gardezi yup....;)...lets hope for the best
Mar 12
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