Found an ineresting website on obsessive crying.  Cameron cries almost every nite from 7-9pm.  No, it's not colic, it has been ruled out. 10/12 - 9
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butterflybabies My Aleks is the same way in the evenings. It seems he fights sleep at that time, he's so tired but won't nap
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mhv If it were colic, she wouldn't be so happy the rest of the day.  And sleep so well at night.  She has been on the same formula since she was a week old.  She didn't start crying till 3 wks ago...

Adgal....gonna look for that book!!
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sisi2399 Mason too but it is only because he wants to be held.  As soon as u pick him up he calms down.  Now I shouldnt complain much cause since last week, he goes to sleep at 10pm and wakes up at 7am.  That makes me happy but I would love for him to sit alone
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sisi2399 Without crying for a little bit during the day.  Will look for that book too
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JennaRie Ah ok, it sounds like she's just worn out by the time evening rolls around then, which is normal :) You could try shortening her waketime (nap more often) to see if that helps, tho I know how hard that is with twins!

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Jan 23
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Risa615 I am praying!
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Jewels63 Thank you x me too x
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Hollus Amen!!
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mandaszoo Me too
Nov 01
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