On Feb 21st, the twins will be 7 months old! AMAZING!!  My husband and I still chuckle when we say "our kids", lol!!!  I think we are still in disbelief! 02/13 - 6
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hopeitworks Its been a year and Df(omg I just posted DF not DB eeek), anyways back to my comment. We are still in disbelief and awe. I dont think we will ever loose that :)
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cheekyhalfs I imagine every day looking at your child(ren) and watching them grow and develop must just be the best thing in the world, asking yourself over and over, "did we make them?!" precious :-)
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Melissa_71 it truly is amazing!!! your "kids" are getting older and cuter daily!!! enjoy!
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butterflybabies Time is going way to fast! I feel like I need to pinch myself sometimes to believe they are real lol.. Amazing to think we will be celebrating their 1st bday soon!! Makes me a little sad that they wont be babies much longer :(
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thisistheyear Wow that's so awesome!  You have really been blessed!

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The twins turned 5, and pre k starts in a few weeks....what? How did they grow up so fast!?! Aug 13 - 3
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Belle313 Happy Belated birthday to Cami and Drake!!
Aug 15
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journey2motherhood I know I can't believe it either.  The boys start Kindergarten in September.  Time goes by so quickly.
Aug 16
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Hollus Time just flies! I cannot even believe it!
Aug 27
The twins turned 5, and pre k starts in a few weeks....what? How did they grow hobble fast!?! Aug 13 - 0
Finally back!  Had a broke tablet :( Jul 13 - 3
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Dee1956 Welcome back!
Jul 13
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mhv Thanks!
Jul 13
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Hollus Glad to hear from you! I hope you are well!!
Jul 23
The twins will be 5 in a few short months!  Ctazy! May 16 - 3
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mandaszoo Wow 5?? where did the last 4 yrs go?
Jun 07
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Hollus 5 already!!??
Jun 25
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Grace358 It flies by doesn't it. Hope they are well and so are you! Our two are 2 1/2 years and keeping me busy
Jul 02
I still miss the news feed :(    just not the same without it Apr 18 - 5
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pb95 Hi there! Hope the twins and your family are doing well. Miss so many people on here too.
Apr 19
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specialmom If you have a smart phone, (android/iPhone, etc.)---  it's still on there!  Check it out.  I still have the newsfeed on my phone.  :)
Apr 19
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KeeLolo I still miss the news feeds too. I have a smart phone but I like being on my desktop or ipad instead of on a small phone although I have a 5.5 inch screen :-)
Apr 27
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Hollus Me too!! I hardly come on here anymore as a result. :-(  I hope you are doing well MHV!
Apr 30
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journey2motherhood you said it! I miss all you ladies! I can't see to download the app on my phone I'm not sure why??
May 08
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